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With a career spanning more than 25 years, Sophie Courau is Managing Director of her own consulting firm, author of numerous books and articles on learning and education as well as retail and sales skills, and a seasoned conference speaker and facilitator. Sophie is highly regarded for her ability to develop practical and creative learning processes and practices while incorporating each organization’s in-house expertise. She has extensive experience consulting at senior executive levels, to the benefit of her clients worldwide.

Sophie has formal training in two areas: She completed an MBA in Learning & Education psychology at Geneva university, and has an MBA in Political and Social Communication (University Paris I) as well as a CELSA Master (University Paris IV Sorbonne) supporting her communication expertise.

Today, Sophie’s role is two-fold: As entrepreneur and Director, she manages the C&Cie consultants and projects; as Executive Advisor, Coach, Conference Speaker and Consultant she helps individuals fully elaborate and execute their roles as vectors in the successful evolution of their own organizations.

Author: The KAT™ Method

Written by Sophie Courau, founder and CEO of C&Cie, with sales of more than 15,000 copies each, the 3 books on the KAT™ Method are key references : « Les outils de base du formateur », « Les outils d’excellence du formateur », « Jeux et jeux de rôle en formation ». An additional publication « La méthode Learning Assemblage™ » will be available in June 2015.

The KAT™ Method is currently used by thousands of trainers worldwide.
It enables trainers to design and run lively, attractive and easy-to-understand training sessions, in optimum adult learning conditions no matter what the content is.

Learning Assemblage™

Training and learning - the nexus between people, knowledge and action - is going through a revolution.
Knowledge management and ways of learning are under radical devlopment. So are jobs, learning solutions, and teaching methods.
Trainers, education engineers, learning project managers, strategy decision-makers all have to revise their ways of doing things and integrate « blended learning » approaches.

Sophie and her team have developed a method detailed in the book "Blended Learning : créer vos solutions formatives avec la methode Learning AssemblageTM." It answers the following questions:

  • How does learning evolve today, and why ?
  • What are new jobs in Learning & Education field? What knowledge and competencies do they require, what mental approach?
  • What is the path to the new training solutions? How do you choose the most appropriate training objectives and the right content to match the learners' profiles?
  • How do you build a blended learning architecture?


Sophie is recognized for the very high quality of her conferences. Full of illustrations and examples, dynamic and participative, constantly updated, and always tailored to the specific audience, Sophie’s conferences give teams fresh perspectives, new benchmarks, and essential keys for comprehension and action.

Sophie runs conferences in French and English for diverse groups from five to 5000 people – from steering committees, sales forces, and Learning & Development teams, to students, clubs, and special events.

She develops conferences built around the themes at the heart of her approach using her key areas of expertise:

Coaching Leaders

Sophie Courau is a psychologist and entrepreneur. Her expertise enables her to accompany leaders through key progressions in their professional lives using a pragmatic and empathetic approach in concert with a leader’s complex roles.

Sophie Courau is the founder of C&Cie

We are fortunate to be living in a time of profound change - change of historic magnitude.

Digital connectivity and enhanced mobility have advanced our way of working, communicating, learning, and how we see the world.

Today, cultures, processes, technologies are being constantly re-invented, moving boundaries between jobs and redefining each individual’s competences.
At work, women and men adapt in order to create new ways of organizing themselves, cooperating, learning, and evolving.

For more than 20 years C&Compagnie has been your partner in this exciting new world as you have developed your Human Resources.

C&Cie, eyes on the stars and feet on the ground, respectful of the identities of people and companies, and always with a sense of humor:

• Accompanies organizations and people in their evolution
• Helps them to see more clearly and to think differently
• Teaches them to make it more simple, beautiful, fluid and light …

We conduct projects with you with the aim of:

• Developing competencies (Learning & Education)
• Structuring and sharing knowledge (Communication & Impact)
• Developing harmony and team efficiency (Organization & Cooperation)

This is our mission, our passion, our commitment to you.

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